Greetings in the name of LOVE and HOPE, Jesus Christ our Lord!

When I came to Westford in February 2, the first thing that caught my eyes was water: Is it a pond, lake or river? It was still chilly winter but so beautiful and peaceful.  In June 20, we moved in to the parsonage in more peaceful and gorgeous surrounding with green trees and the church sign with my name, “Rev. Dr. Seok-Hwan Hong.” It makes me feel I am really here. In addition, the church welcomes and help us to settle down quickly. Thank you all!

I love to run and walk. So, I research trails in Westford and I discover interesting information: “The woods are full of migratory song birds such as various warbler species, scarlet tanangers, orioles, and thrushes. Many resident birds such as barred, screech and great horned owl nest here too.”  I as a migratory singing bird will join you, many resident birds in coming Sunday, July 2.

I have tried to prepare the first sermon to you all impressive and memorable. That makes me harder to prepare. I give up my strong desire to make an impressive sermon. Instead I decide to share my heart and dream on what God wants us to be and to do in this new journey. I am ready to welcome you all and embrace with big heart and cheerful mind, which makes me excited and little nervous

I am waiting, waiting for encountering my new church family with great expectation and love. I strongly believe that as Story Brook Reservoir contains enormous water, our Lord Jesus Christ already prepares the reservoir of Love and Hope in the community of Westford. Come, come to experience God’s unimaginable reservoir of Grace and Love. You resident birds and we migratory song birds become a family through worshipping One God the Creator on Sunday morning!